Quickbooks Payroll Classes

  • Use classes in QuickBooks Payroll when
    1. You have two or more locations included in the gross payroll and you want to separate the expense and report it to the various locations, or
    2. you have any other reason to report different groups of employee wages.

  • First, set up classes.
    1. [Edit]
    2. [Preferences]
    3. [Company]
    4. [Accounting]. Find this in the screen of icons displayed in the preferences tile.
    5. Click [Use class tracking].
    6. [X] out.
    7. [Lists]
    8. [Class list]
    9. Add one new class for each location. We recommend that you use a 3-letter abbreviation.
    10. If you are one of our monthly clients, please use our symbol. Call Dutch Hawkins at (985) 264-9040 or (404) 303-7916 to get your symbol.

  • From now on when you prepare payroll,
    1. Do it exactly as before, but in addition
    2. In the upper right corner of the payroll hour-and-wage tile, see [Class].
    3. Select one for each and every case, hourly, salary, overtime, or other.
    4. EXAMPLE:
      1. Your employee Joachim Desaugne worked 38 hours.
      2. He worked 25 hours at ABC and 13 hours at XYZ.
      3. You have already set up the classes ABC and XYZ.
      4. Select [hourly rate] and 25 hours. Select ABC as the class.
      5. Go to the second line. Select [hourly rate] again and 13 hours on this line. Select XYZ as the class.
  • If you do that, we can use the following reports:
    1. [Payroll Summary], [Modify], [by class]
    2. [Company & Financial], [Profit & Loss by Class]