Business Resources & Reports, Inc.

Business Resources & Reports. Inc is a non-CPA write-up and tax accounting firm that specializes in small business.

Our clients have businesses in Jefferson Parish, Orleans Parish, Saint Tammany Parish, SW Mississippi, and a few in Atlanta GA. A large number of our clients are gasoline service stations but we have a variety of others including restaurants, dry cleaners, a florist, and commercial air conditioning installation to name some.

Wage information, rates, & news:

Minimum Wage

Effective 7.24.2008 - $6.55

Effective 7.24.2009 - $7.25 (current rate as of 2014)

Mileage Rate

Mileage Rate 2013 - .56 1/2 cents/mile

Mileage Rate 2014 - .56 cents/mile

IRS Payments

Official Payments Corporation, Inc. Call - (888) 272-9829

Pay any federal or state income tax with a debit/credit card. (no checks)