Buying Another Service Station: It's Getting Complicated

Our clients are on the move!

They are buying and building stations with a lot more interest in building than in former years. There is a reason for that.

Be aware and forewarned: it gets complicated at a rate greater than the number of your stations.

Take a sheet of paper. Write "me" it the middle of the sheet.

Write the name of your first station anywhere on the sheet. Circle it. Draw a line from you name to the station's name. It only takes one line to show the simple relationship between you and your station.

Anywhere else on the page write the name of your second station, circle it, and draw enough lines that each of the three circles is connected to the other two. Count the lines you have now drawn. Your number of lines has gone from one to three. Having two stations is potentially three times as complicated as having one.

Add a third station and repeat the process. You will find that three stations are potentially six times as complicated as one station.

There are basically two things you should do to prepare for this:

  1. Make sure you have managers who can manage each store well.
  2. Reduce your workload to very little and make it nearly impossible for you to fill in when an employee or manager cannot work on a day.

When you build or buy your fourth station, move your managers up to manage two stations and move capable clerks up to manage each of those stations.